Buddhist Studies

[Research Summary 2021 (PDF, 24.9 MB)] 

7. Sanskrit Uṣṇīṣavijayādhāraṇī Inscriptions in Dali/Yunnan. (Investigating Principles: International Aspects of Buddhist Culture – Essays in Honour of Professor CHARLES WILLEMEN, 2019)  (PDF)

6. The Buddhist transmission of Grahamātṛkādhāraṇī and other planetary astral texts. (Pacific World, Third Series, number 20, 2018)  (PDF)

5. [Newspaper article] Une incantation magique déchiffrée du sanskrit. (La Libre Belgique. 4 Mai, 2016). [Article on the decipherment of the Yunnan Sanskrit tablets from the Pairi Daiza Collection]  (JPG)

4. 仏教マントラの中国化の一例—普庵咒における悉曇字母について (The Siddham Alphabet in the Mantra of Pu’an – A case of sinicization of Buddhist mantras(東方学報 88, 2013) (PDF)

3. Hermeneutic and Polemical Tradition of Late Mahāyāna Buddhism: Citations and hypothetical arguments in Haribhadra’s Abhisamayālaṅkārāloka (Ch.30-31) (Vijjāvimutti. Singapore: Buddhist and Pali College of Singapore, 2013) (PDF)

2. Haribhadra’s commentary (Abhisamayālaṅkārālokā) on the Story of Sadāprarudita (Ch. 30-31 of Aṣṭasāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā) – Sources and Construction of a Mahāyāna Soteriology (Ñāṇappabhā: Ven. Pategama Gnanarama Felicitation Volume, 2011) (PDF)

1. Kumārajīva and Prajñāpāramitā in China (Kumārajīva : Philosopher and Seer, 2011[2015]) (PDF)



Contemporary Buddhism

10. Interview with Prof. Huang Baosheng (in Chinese). 梵語巴利語專家黃寶生老師專訪  [] []

9. Interview with Prof. Wang Bangwei (in Chinese). 訪談:王邦維教授教的教學生涯與教學理念  [] []

8. Theravāda Buddhism as part of the Buddhist Revival in Mainland China and Hong Kong – Two Paradigms. (Buddhist Revival in Asia, 2015) (PDF)

7. The Career of Utsuki Nishū 宇津木二秀 in Hong Kong during the Japanese Occupation Period (1941–1945) (Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch, 2015) (PDF)

6. 緬甸禪修札記 (佛門, 2013) (PDF) / A Meditation Retreat in Myanmar (Buddhistdoor, 2012) (read here)

5. Theravāda Teachings and Buddhist meditation Training in Hong Kong (International Journal for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism, Issue 3, 2012) (PDF)

4. Reflections on Confession of a Buddhist Atheist (Stephen Batchelor) (Buddhistdoor, 2011) (read here)

3. My Journey as a Buddhist by Dr. Bill M. Mak (Buddhistdoor, 2010) (read here)

2. Synergy or Collision: University students encountering Buddhism in China (Buddhistdoor, 2007) (read here)

1. Ehi Passiko in the Pluralistic World: Challenges and Opportunities of Buddhism as a World Religion in the 21st century (和谐世界从心开始:首届世界佛教论坛文集·征文获奖卷, 2006) (PDF)


Reading Class

1. 大唐西域記 The Great Tang Record of the Western Regions  (under construction)